It's the 1970s, a time of skinheads, Doctor Martens, violence and trouble on the terraces. The Mile End Mob rule Upton Park. Long before the days of the ruthless InterCity Firm casuals, they were the first guv'nors of the terraces, striking fear into the other West Ham mobs and fans.

Micky Smith, die-hard Hammers fan, was there in the thick of the action, he saw it all as it happened. Here he teams up with best-selling author, ex-I.C.F. face and West Ham authority Cass Pennant to recall these action-packed and turbulent times.

Indeed, it was the reputation and respect commanded by the East End Bovver Boys that drove a hardcore of hooligans to create the notorious InterCity Firm and establish their rule over the terraces up and down the country in the 1980s.

Here is the story of what came before the I.C.F. Thrilling, dramatic and brutally honest, it will fascinate any football fan or social historian.

"BE WARNED this book is not for the faint-hearted. Pennant and Smith give the reader a taste of what it was like in those grim, grim days - but periodically and often unexpectedly add a splash of gallows humour. It's often as unsubtle as a knuckleduster to the teeth, but for me that simply added to the appeal."
Tessa Leight, Shoot Monthly


I rececied my order for this book from Amazon and read it through cover to cover. As one who grew up in those times I could relate to the book in every way and it made me feel quite homesick. This writer tells it as it was and is not scared to admit to getting a kicking from rival fans unlike some of the books on the subject I have read. It tells how the East end was and the fans of the time, tough uncompromising lads who stood together from the Mile End area and took no backward steps. Many might be shocked with its honest brutality as the book pulls no punches. It is simply a West Ham fans story, as seen by the author who doesn't claim any fame or big man role and openly says so - just one of the lads from the area who followed West Ham. For me this book has got 'movie' written all over it and I would love to see it on the big screen in its entirety.The best on the subject around - honest, violent and sometimes funny, what more could you ask? It reads as though you were hearing the author speak and the rough edges of his writing style only enhance that feeling. For anyone wishing to buy this book dont hesitate, it is well worth the money and the photos show what the old skinhead scene was really about. 5 stars A MUST

understand a bit now yes, 17 Sep 2004
By A Customer
while i was not certain of why the english fans fight at football,this book tells what it was like at the time ,the rivarlys the competion and so on ,i now know a little better ,while the authors grammar is not old school english ,it is not without its charm ,and it took me a while to work some of the slang words out .in fact i had to ask why tottenham fans are called y**ds and so one. Now i know ,not without its charm ,this is one of the better books i have read about the football culture which is england ,if only they had the same passion about cricket .But saying that,i would advise readers if the brutal truth offends you then dont read this book ,as it cleary explains ,what the times were like .Great reading ,even if the grammar is poor ,but takeing into acount the author explains that ,that he was a fighter not a writer no doubt from poor schooling i can understand that A MUST READ


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